SAML Tracer for Firefox

July 1, 2011 at 7:57 PMHenrik Nilsson

I just wanted to recommend the terrific SAML Tracer extension for Firefox by Olav Morken at the Norwegian UNINETT, SAML debugging has never been this easy!


It works a bit like Fiddler except it’s simpler and it tags each HTTP request that contains a SAML AuthnRequest or Response. If you mark any of the HTTP Requests marked with the SAML sign you’re able to view the SAML message in clear text.

Check it out here: or check out the press release from UNINETT:

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Finally!!! SAML2 for WIF

May 16, 2011 at 10:51 PMHenrik Nilsson

For me WIF has been a cripple without the support for SAML2/SAMLP and I’ve been forced to look at products like the SAML2 from ComponentSpace and “SAML 2 for WIF” from Safewhere (not with us anymore and globeteam.comthat took over the product charged a fortune for using it) but finally I got stuck with OIOSAML/dk.nita originally developed by Safewhere financed by the national E-ID initiative in Denmark and released as Open Source that I’ve been delivering to a bunch of customers after a few changes to make it “less Danish”.

Except for throwing a lot of time away finding the right SAML2 component to deliver I’ve also been a pain in the a** on my Microsoft contacts for not delivering this and I hope my struggle has at least a bit made them understand why SAML2/SAMLP is so important to make WIF complete. I mean WS-Fed is not where the industry is heading even though others are supporting it…unwillingly…

I’ve heard a lot of excuses like “Why don’t you use WS-Fed instead?”, “Why don’t you set up an ADFS 2.0 environment for protocol translation?” - (at least 4 servers)  and “I’m sorry, I don’t understand why we haven’t released it either!” but finally it’s almost here and you can (and I will) check it out here!

Announcing the WIF Extension for SAML 2.0 Protocol Community Technology Preview!

…and additionally a note from Vittorio!…

…Never heard  about Vittorio or WIF – check this out from Techdays 2010:
I just love his – As you can hear from my accent… I’m from Redmond (with Italian accent).

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Geneva Beta 2 is here...

May 12, 2009 at 7:39 AMHenrik Nilsson

...And there are a lot of news where these sounds most interesting to me:

  • Pluggable provider model
  • Support for SAML 2.0 SP-Lite
  • Load Balancing
  • Support for AD RMS
  • SharePoint 2007 Support

I just wonder if SAML2 Idp Lite is supported out of the box now?

Check out the Geneva Team Blog for more info.

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